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Reasons, Solutions And Home Remedies for Headache During Sex

Headache during sex / intercourse affects more men than women. People with history of headache and migraine episodes are more prone for this. It also affects a few others who do not have headaches otherwise. Reason for headache during sex can be physical, mental and emotional. While headaches of severe kind, which persists / recurs many times, need proper diagnosis and treatment, there are a few basic precautions and home remedies that may help you avoid headaches during intercourse.

Reasons for headache during sex  

In Ayurvedic terms, intercourse is a Vata activity and headache during sex occurs due to imbalance of Vata and Pitta.

Solutions for headache during intercourse   

As the cause lies in Vata and Pitta imbalance, measures to balance them are quite helpful.

Awkward / strenuous sexual positions 

  • Avoid bringing head to a very low position, when you are on top.
  • Do not strain neck. Neck strain may also reflect as headache.

Too fast orgasm 

  • Avoid quickly reaching orgasm, too early and too fast straining.
  • Try gradual arousal and orgasm,
  • Play  passive role,
  • Do not exert too much pressure on yourself.
  • Have a control on breathing.

No fasting 

  • Do not fast ahead of sex. Keep yourself well nourished.
  • Consider sex at about one hour after food.

Not too late at night

  • Make sure that it is not too late in the night.
  • Delaying sleep increases strain and increases the chances of headache trigger.

Feel relaxed – 

Tensions, anxiety, stress, worries, increase chances of headache. Keep family and work issues separate.

Take care of stomach – 

Stomach complaints like gastritis, ulcers increase chances of headache.

Pitta balance

Consider having a few raisins ahead of sex. Or consider drinking tender coconut water / sugarcane juice on the evening. It helps to balance Pitta.

Avoid worsening Vata  

  • By not talking over the phone for very long time, ahead of sex.
  • By not eating very spicy food.
  • Consider applying coconut oil to head.

Get treatment –

  • Get treatment for migraine or headaches which exists at other times as well.
  • Get your High BP, Diabetes and obesity under control.
Two home remedies – 
  • Amla powder – one teaspoon before food, on the day of sex, with honey / ghee / warm water.
  • Triphala powder – one teaspoon before food, on the day of sex, with honey / ghee / warm water.

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