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For Men – Before You Enter Into Live In Relationship

Live in relationship is a great way to take your love to next level. But it is very important that you have thought about all the scenes well before you get into living in with your beloved. 

Meeting your lady love for a couple of hours in a day is different than spending days and nights together with her. Hence, a little mental and physical preparation helps both of you to enjoy life better.

1. Is she the gal for ya?

  • Can she stick with you?
  • Can she tolerate your negatives?
  • Can she come back to you after an altercation?
  • Can she digest and negotiate a little discomfort and pain?
  • Can she be there when you are down?

2. Are you the guy for her?

  • Can you tolerate her impatience?
  • Do you think you have patience to listen to her even when you are totally tired?
  • Are you sure that you are the love of her life?
  • Are you sure this is the right next step of your love life?

Financial aspects – 

You should be financially more sound than her. You should be able to handle your family (to be) even if she stops earning. You are the one responsible for paying the bills, in case.

Physical relationship – 

You are living in, means you have better freedom than a love relationship all right. But do not be too over excited about it and make her feel that the purpose of whole thing was sex. Respect her privacy and be patient.

Your freedom – 

A girl in your life means you have to give more time for her. Strike a balance between your individual life, work, friends, family and her.

Loyalty –

I hope nothing in this aspect needs to be said because you both are already 100 % loyal to each other… I presume.

Overall, in a live in relationship, It is majorly (if not absolutely) your responsibility for overall smoothness.

Please remember –

1. More the freedom, more the responsibilities. 

2. Patience and dutifulness are the keywords in a live in relationship. 

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