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Why Ancient Indian Sages Used To Wear Tight Undergarments?

If you ever have observed the undergarment of ancient Hindu sages, you can observe that they use to wear it very tight. There was a particular reason for this, which was helping them to concentrate hard on Divinity. The tight undergarment used to hold testicles very close to the body. The body is a natural source of heat.  Tight undergarment helps to keep the scrotum very near to the body This was causing sperm destruction due to body heat.

Spirituality and sexuality

The essence of spirituality lies in complete absence of sexuality. Hence ancient sages used to deteriorate the quality of sperm and semen and were converting the sexual power into spirituality by intense spiritual practices.

Sperms are very sensitive to heat. They die with a little rise in temperature. Hence a muscle called as cremaster keeps the testicles suspended in the scrotum sac in males. This helps to keep the sperms away from the body heat.

Taking a note out of this practice, people who are just about to get married and for people seeking treatment for infertility should avoid wearing tight underwear.

However, a research article mentioned in wikipedia states that no such strong evidence is found relating wearing of tight underwear and sperm destruction.

But the clinical study report is worth doubting due to the following reasons – 

1. Ancient evidence – The evidence and hint towards sperm destruction by tight undergarment is there since ancient times.

2. Heat destructs sperms – Even a slight increase in temperature during summers, sunbath, mobile phone radiation, hot water bath for long period of time can harm the quality of sperms. Hence there is more than one reason to believe that tight undergarments do have harmful effect over the sperms.

3. Cold treatment – For people with low quality and quantity of sperms, dipping the scrotum in very cold water for 5 – 10 minutes in a day is advised. This helps to keep the temperature of scrotum low and improves sperm quality and quantity.

Hence, unless you are a follower of Brahmacharya,  it is better to avoid tight undergarments.

Another reason to avoid tight undergarments is  –  to maintain straightness of penis. Because, usually the penis lies in a bent position within a tight fitting underwear.

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