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Husband Has Premature Ejaculation? 19 ways You Can Help Him

If your husband has premature ejaculation problem, then there are a lot of things that you can do, which would help him get over this problem. For that, a clear knowledge about this sex problem is necessary. 

What is premature ejaculation?
It is a condition where husband ejaculates very early during sex. Say, within half a minute. Husband is not able to control his erection for long.
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What you can do about it?
1. Assurance:
 Be understanding and assure him that, if not today, very soon he will be all right and you are completely satisfied with him. (though you may not be satsfied for the time being. ) This will boost his confidence and relieve his fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are the biggest reasons for premature ejaculation.

 2. Praise him
Whenever he lasts bit longer than usual, say every time, he used to ejaculate within a minute, but this time, he lasted for 3 minutes, just praise him and say that you enjoyed and liked that a lot. This will boost his ego and confidence. Relaxation of mind is primary requisite to cure premature ejaculation.

 3. Foreplay with cloths on
Another major reason for PE is – early excitation of tip of penis. This can be solved by doing foreplay with cloths on. This helps him to better control himself. This helps him to hold erection for a longer period of time. So, make him remove his cloths, especially underwear very late during the foreplay. Mean time, make him cuddle, hug and kiss you so that you are fully excited.
This is simply adjusting the timing of excitation.

4. Sleep naked
Sometimes, when you both do not have any sex plans, just remove all cloths and sleep naked. Simply grab his penis and rub gently, while you have some romantic talks. This helps him to familiarize your body and thus will have better control over his erection.

5. Masturbate him with his pants on.
During foreplay, while he has his undergarments on, just hold his penis and do gentle rubbing.

6. Gentle masturbation before insertion
Once after you had foreplay with his cloths on and then you are naked, just when he removes his underwear, just hold his penis in your hand and just do gentle massage. This helps him for good erection before insertion.

7. Naked bath
Often have naked bath together. This helps to de-sensitize his over sensitive penis.

8. Seduce him at odd times.
While he is getting ready to go to office, or while he is watching TV, or discussing something over the phone, just seduce him, by, for example, rubbing boobs against his penis, or just grabbing his penis, kissing it, or grabbing his butts etc.

Do not continue it and leave it there. This will train his mind to learn and practice self control. Because, he can not continue with foreplay and sex at that time, as he is busy. But he will have mild excitation, which he is supposed to control.

9. Revert his foreskin backwards
In Some men, before insertion, reverting the foreskin (the skin that covers the tip of the penis) backwords helps relieve premature ejaculation.

10. Guide him and you take the charge
Sometimes during sex, rather than allowing him to doing everything, you get on his top and take charge. You seduce, hug, grab and kiss him and take charge. This will release his tension of ‘what to do next’

11. Encourage him to masturbate you.
While you work to improve his erection, it is equally important that you get your enjoyment. Due to PE, if he ejaculates early, just ask him to gently kiss your vagina and to play with his fingers. Guide him, guide his hands into you. Guide him to kiss you wherever you want. Request him not to go to sleep all of a sudden. Talk romantically and talk with love.

12. Start and stop technique
During sex, after both are naked, after insertion, just make him stop and remove his penis. You can not ask him to stop. But you can make him stop. For example, by saying that you heard someone knocking the door, or just saying that you are feeling little pain in the current sex position, you heard your mobile ring, etc.
This helps him to relax a bit and it delays ejaculation.

13. Masturbation is a great way to desensitize penis. Hence, once in a while encourage husband to masturbate or do that yourself. This way, husband knows that the act is not going to end in sex. So, he knows that ejaculation can happen early (because it is a masturbation session), so he feels less anxious and more relaxed.

14. Undress the husband very late during foreplay:
Exposure of male genitalia makes it more stimulated, leading to early ejaculation. Hence, encourage your husband during foreplay not to remove dress quickly, especially the under-garments.
When actually to undress him? When wife is fully excited and ready for the final act.

15. Encourage husband to take up Pranayama: Pranayama helps to have better control over breathing. This leads to better control of mind and body organs. Here is a simple pranayama technique

16. Encourage the husband to exercise. – Fitter the body, better the blood circulation, better the erection time. Try to exercise together. this helps to improve mutual bonding. You both can feel comfortable with each others bodies. This way, the excitation level decreases. This helps husband to control his excitement and his organ better.
Try outdoor games, jogging together, swimming together, Yoga together, gym together and so on.
couple at gym

17. During sexual act, abruptly try talking about something unrelated, which would divert husband’s mind from sex. You have to plan the topic pre-hand. The diversion takes away excess excitation.

18.  Condom therapy: Using a condom helps in some cases to avoid early stimulation of the tip of the penis, thereby delaying in ejaculation.

19. Recipes: Use these more in cooking: Egg, Dates, Banana, Almond, Dry grapes, Drum stick vegetable, garlic, Aloe Vera Juice, Keshar with milk, Black gram foods like Dosa, Vada, pomegranate, castor oil, garlic, Avocado, walnuts, water melon.
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Overall if you really love him and if he really loves you, you can definitely find a solution for your husband’s Premature ejaculation problem.

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