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Tight Foreskin Home Remedy And Ayurvedic Solution

Tight Foreskin refers to tightness in the skin covering the tip (end) of the penis. It leads to difficulty in person to roll back the foreskin over the tip of the penis. This can lead to difficulty in sex. There are quite a few home remedies to resolve this condition.

How to know if you have tight foreskin: 

tight foreskin home remedy

tight foreskin home remedy

While in normal condition or while having penis erection, is there any difficulty in widening the opening the skin at the tip of the penis?

If you try to widen the opening of the skin at penis tip, does that pain?

Do you have any difficulty in passing urine?

Do you feel any pain at the penis tip while having erection?

Are you unable to roll the foreskin back over the penis tip?

Is there any bleeding or white hard patch at the penis tip?

If yes is the answer for most of the above questions, then there is maximum chances of you having a tight foreskin.

Tight foreskin is called as phimosis in medical terms.

Why muslim men usually do not have this condition? 

All muslim men undergo circumcision operation during childhood. Here, the foreskin is removed. Hence there is no question of difficulty in stretching the foreskin.

What may happen if tight penis foreskin is left unattended? 

If tight penis foreskin is neglected, if foreskin is forcefully rolled back during first time intercourse, then it may lead to permanent reverting of skin over the glans penis. This will lead to severe pain and difficulty in bringing back the foreskin to the normal position. This condition is called paraphimosis.

If forcefully skin is reverted back over the penis tip, then it may cause abrasions over the glans penis (penis tip).

What can you do to prevent tight foreskin  problem? 

Many times in a day, try to stretch the foreskin as wide as possible. You can do it whenever you go for passing urine.

While doing so, slowly try to revert the foreskin over the glans penis. (To remind you, glans penis is the tip of the penis, which lies beneath the foreskin).

Tight skin home remedy: 

Use Nirgundi Taila (an herbal oil) or Eladi coconut oil (also known as Eladi Kera Taila). Apply any one of this oil between foreskin and tip of the penis and slowly widen the foreskin as wide as you can.

If it is done continuously for a period of 2 – 3 months, the foreskin will gain stretching capacity and can easily be reverted back completely.

How does it help? 

Foreskin has natural stretching capacity. Ayurvedic oil application further helps to improve the skin strength and stretching capacity. THis helps to widen the opening of the penis covering skin. Hence foreskin will easily revert back over the penis tip.

Special care: 

Do not try to fully revert the skin over the glans penis at the first attempt only. If you overstretch it, foreskin may go back but it may be very difficult to bring back the foreskin to normalcy. (This condition is called as paraphimosis).

If you are struck with paraphimosis condition, Apply the above said oil and try. If you are not successful, contact your doctor immediately.

When to go for surgery for phimosis? 

Even after prompt attempts for 2 – 3 months, there is no improvement, then surgery is the best option. This surgery is called circumcision. It is a very minor surgery. You can go home the same day. You will need to take medicines for 1 week. And have normal sex activity after about 2 months, after the surgery wound is completely healed and you can have normal sex activity.

First night embarassment

In some people, who do not know about this condition, while trying for the first time sex, the foreskin may forcible roll back over the glans penis and may get struck there. Or due to severe pain, the foreskin may not roll back over the glans penis.

If you are a batchelor male,

Try if you have any difficulty in rolling back the foreskin. If so, consult a doctor and try the stretching.

If you are a lady, 

Get to know this condition. If you come across this simple problem in your husband, encourage him to get treatment.

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