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Do Not Let Go Of Those ‘Home Alone’ Moments

During the initial phase of married life, those moments when you are alone with spouse are golden moments where you can be free to express love and sex in whichever the way you wish. But as the marriage life progresses on, we tempt to forget these love-full joy and succumb to day to day stress. Here are a few tips to break the shackles and make the most of those home alone moments. 

The reason for boredom –
The financial worries, family responsibilities, mutual relationship tensions tend to degenerate the early sweetness of your relationship with your beloved spouse. Even with all these troubles, just ensure that you have enough chemistry between you two that there is a room for mutual joke sharing. and no moment is better than when you are alone with him / her.

First up, make sure that the love between you two is green forever.
Serve him coffee or tea, before your husband asks.
No matter what she thinks, just kiss your wife once in a while. It may not be smooch, at least a small tickle over cheeks.
No matter what he thinks, be sure to hug your husband at least once a day.
No matter what the tension is in house, make sure to pass a joke or two.
No matter how hard times there are, always sleep with your wife, hugging.
Irrespective of you have sex everyday or not, make sure to exchange a smooch and a tight hug just before sleep.

When you two are just home alone with him / her:
You may not be able to straightaway head for sex. But at least let there be chance for groping, kissing, squeezing, hugging, licking, tasting, joking etc.
At least let the atmosphere around bring in the joy of ester-years. Let those moments inject blood and life to your relationship with him.
Make sure that you make most of those lonely moments to the best of your relationship.

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