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Show Cleavage Occasionally To Keep Your Husband’s Interest In You

Boobs and cleavage are most attractive part for any man's eyes. If you are married for long and if you think that boredom is setting in your sexual relationship with your husband, then occasional cleavage show is a good idea. It helps to revamp your … [Continue reading]

Male Marriage sex counselling: Prepare Yourself Two Months Before Marriage

There is only two months left for marriage. There is little relationship already built up with your fiance. How to take it further to have a successful sexual life after marriage? Let us talk in detail about that.  … [Continue reading]

Low Sex Drive After Marriage! How To Regain Sex Drive?

You were having good sex drive while being bachelor, There was good erection, mood was happy and everything was all right. You married and there is low sex drive after marriage? How does that happen? What is the cause and how to regain sex drive?  … [Continue reading]

How Diabetes Causes Erectile Dysfunction? Ayurveda Solutions

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are connected to each other. Erectile dysfunction is one of the complications of diabetes. Diabetes being a lifestyle disease, can affect many body systems. But a strict lifestyle and a few smart measures can help in … [Continue reading]

Woman Foreplay Tips: Should She Be Proactive During Sex?

Foreplay is the indulgent time before the actual sex. Foreplay is very important for good sex experience. During foreplay, woman and man both have active roles. But how much active should a woman be? Should she be leading the foreplay? or should she … [Continue reading]

Male Health – Masturbation Technique To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Masturbation is a healthy habit which can be effectively used to cure premature ejaculation. Often premature ejaculation is caused due to lack of self control and early stimulation of tip of penis (also called as glans penis). But this masturbation … [Continue reading]

Sex Tips – How To Get Rid Of Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts come naturally to everybody. But sometimes the timing of these sexual thoughts and the frequency with which they haunt you everyday may leave you restless. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of sexual thoughts.  … [Continue reading]

Difference Between Normal And Obsessive Sexual Thoughts

obsessive sexual thoughts

Sexual thoughts are very normal for any healthy human being. But how much is normal and how much is unwanted and at what stage it becomes obsessive? The knowledge of clear demarcation is immensely helpful in tackling the problem with suitable, … [Continue reading]

Why Ancient Indian Sages Used To Wear Tight Undergarments?

If you ever have observed the undergarment of ancient Hindu sages, you can observe that they use to wear it very tight. There was a particular reason for this, which was helping them to concentrate hard on Divinity.  … [Continue reading]

Chyawanprash For Sex Power increase – Does It Help?

Chyawanprash sex

Chyawanprash is a famous Ayurvedic medicine used for rejuvenation purpose. It is helpful in improving immunity, body strength. Chavanprash acts as natural anti oxidant. Chyavanprash is empowered with nature's best herbs such as Dashamoola, … [Continue reading]