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For Men – Before You Enter Into Live In Relationship

Live in relationship is a great way to take your love to next level. But it is very important that you have thought about all the scenes well before you get into living in with your beloved.  [Read more…]

Live In Relationship – 13 Things To Consider For Women

Live in relationship is one of the most viable option to many aspiring youth, who wish to hit a balance between work – life balance in big cities. Some use live in relationship as a prior step for marriage. But before committing yourself into a live in relationship, there are many aspects and precautions to consider, especially if you are a woman.  [Read more…]

How to get over infidelity? 12 Easy Steps For a Smooth Transition

Metro lifestyle, facebook, internet chatting with unknown people, hectic schedules and commitments, complicated relationships – the reason to put the wrong step forward can be many. If you were indulging in infidelity, for a better future for yourself and for those around you, it is never late to think about coming out of infidelity. How to get over infidelity is a tough question to answer. It is more of a personal decision, based on ethical and emotional grounds. Here are the steps and issues to consider.  [Read more…]

Male Health – Are You Inviting Infidelity In Relationship?

Men have lot of things to concentrate on, in a family setup. While the husband concentrates hard to earn money, to run business and to maintain family, equal importance should be give to maintain greenness in his relationship with wife and to avoid infidelity in relationship.  [Read more…]

Female Health – Are You Inviting Infidelity In Relationship?

Infidelity in relationship, lack of belief quotient in relationships and breakups have become so common that a long-standing relationship nowadays has become a matter of wonder. While it is important for you to maintain your personal integrity, by maintaining utmost loyalty, it is equally important for you to create an environment around your husband (or boy friend), so that he also feels compelled to maintain fidelity in relationship. [Read more…]

What is infidelity? Effects Of Infidelity On Body And Mind

Infidelity or un-trustworthy-ness is lethal relationship problem. A moment of uncontrolled, misdirected desire can blow away the trust, love and emotions that had taken decades to build up. Infidelity affects health, irrespective of the other partner knows about it or not. Even if the secret is held in the minds, overall health of the person starts deteriorating.  [Read more…]