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Woman Foreplay Tips: Should She Be Proactive During Sex?

Foreplay is the indulgent time before the actual sex. Foreplay is very important for good sex experience. During foreplay, woman and man both have active roles. But how much active should a woman be? Should she be leading the foreplay? or should she allow her man to lead forward? The answer is hidden in mindset of both the partners.  [Read more…]

Difference Between Normal And Obsessive Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts are very normal for any healthy human being. But how much is normal and how much is unwanted and at what stage it becomes obsessive? The knowledge of clear demarcation is immensely helpful in tackling the problem with suitable, effective measures and remedies.  [Read more…]

Reasons, Solutions And Home Remedies for Headache During Sex

Headache during sex / intercourse affects more men than women. People with history of headache and migraine episodes are more prone for this. It also affects a few others who do not have headaches otherwise. Reason for headache during sex can be physical, mental and emotional. While headaches of severe kind, which persists / recurs many times, need proper diagnosis and treatment, there are a few basic precautions and home remedies that may help you avoid headaches during intercourse.

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Nutrition And Sex Power – Exploring The Mutual Relationship

Nutrition and sex power are directly related. The overall nutrition level of the body has direct effect on  sexual health. A well nourished body is very much needed for successful sex life for both husband and wife. Ayurveda explains how –  [Read more…]

Infertility Facts – Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility

You have been trying to conceive for a while and are not successful yet, the suspicion about infertility may start growing on you. Whether or not to consult a doctor becomes a matter of confusion. Under such circumstance, there are a few things that you should know and few steps to follow. [Read more…]

Healthy Sex Tips For A Fruitful Relationship And Meaningful Life

Healthy sex is very essential for a meaningful relationship and meaningful life. ‘Healthy sex’ involves balance, understanding, patience, co-operation, finding happiness together. While most of the people target ‘excitement’ and ‘short-term happiness’ during sex, I would rather recommend to target long-term happiness and a successful sexual life.  [Read more…]

The Best Sex Medicine – Restraint

Often in a sexual relationship, the tendency to over involvement and eagerness of having more creates frustration and takes away the enjoyment. Sex is the function of a calm and happy mind. More eager and more excited you are, more the expectation, less is the fun. So, lack of calmness is the primary cause for most of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc. and restraint is the best sex medicine.  [Read more…]

Intercourse During Periods – Ayurvedic View

“Is it safe to have intercourse during periods”  is one of the most debated topics. There are those who say, it is fine, and there are those who are skeptical about sex during periods. Before we get into whether it is ok or not, let’s get rid of some of the myths about sex during periods. [Read more…]