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Shukra Pradoshaja Rogas – Diseases Due To Contaminated Semen

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Shukra Dhatu means semen or discharges occurring during or at the end of sexual act. This semen is considered as a tissue in Ayurveda. Semen consists of sperms which are responsible for reproduction when they fertilize ovum. Semen is produced by testes; the male gonads located in the scrotum and are discharged after the sexual intercourse. This is called ejaculation. Semen is mixed with other fluids as they pass through different passages of male genital tract.

An Ayurvedic quote on Shukra tells – ‘Shukrayattam Balam Pumsaam…’ which means the balance of good quality and quantity of semen is responsible for bala of an individual i.e. when in optimal and healthy state, semen tissue bestows strength, endurance and immunity to man. This shows the broad spectrum importance of semen tissue in our system and is much more than it just being a reproductive fluid.

Semen tissue is the seventh and last tissue to be formed in the sequence of tissue formation according to Ayurvedic literature. Semen tissue is formed from its predecessor tissue i.e. bone marrow tissue.

When the bone marrow tissue is acted upon by normal tissue fire of bone marrow tissue located in the bone marrow, a part of it forms bone marrow tissue and another part forms the semen tissue. Most authors have not specified the tissue excreta of semen tissue. Some of them are of the opinion that moustache is the tissue excreta of semen tissue.

If the semen tissue is to be formed in its optimum quality and quantity, the bone marrow tissue i.e. semen’s predecessor tissue should be formed in its best quantity and quality. At the same time bone marrow should also have been maintained in its optimum and healthy levels. Therefore, for the proper formation, maintenance and balance of semen tissue it is mandatory that the bone marrow tissue should be at its healthiest best.

When the semen tissue is contaminated by the doshas or ama it leads to the manifestation of many diseases. These diseases are called shukra pradoshaja rogas.

Shukra Pradoshaja Rogas – Diseases caused by contaminated semen tissue
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Klaibya – impotence

Aharshanam / Apraharsha – absence of sexual arousal
Kleebam, alpa ayu, virupam vaa prajaayate – the child born out of such contaminated semen or sperms contained in them will suffer from impotence, low quality and quantity of life and awkward appearance.

Naa vaa sanjaayate garbhah – this type of contaminated semen or sperms will not be capable of  fertilizing the ovum, thus the embryo will never be formed.

Patati Prasravatyapi – even if the conception occurs by the fertilization of ovum by such contaminated sperms it will not stay longer, it will either result in miscarriage or abortion resulting in premature termination of pregnancy.

Shukram hi pradushtam sapatyam sadaaram baadhyate naram – the contaminated semen while causing deformities of fetus, miscarriages and abortions, responsible for begetting ugly, low life-span and impotent children would become cause for suffering of the whole family including the wife, children and husband. The man who carries such contaminated semen will not only suffer but also will become responsible for suffering of his wife and children.

Shukra Ashmari – formation of seminal stones of semen

Shukra Meha – excessive uncontrolled flow of semen in the form of liquid will occur when it gets contaminated. This can also be equated with PME or premature ejaculation.
Shukra dosha – many deformities and diseases of semen will occur due to contamination of semen.

Key points to be observed
Simultaneous vitiation of semen tissue and kapha in shukra pradosha leads to many types of semen, sex and reproduction related pathologies – semen and kapha dosha are connected by an inseparable ashraya ashrayi relationship in which the semen forms the abode in which the kapha dosha reside according to Ayurvedic principles of dosha dushya bonding. Each dosha resides in particular tissue which shares common qualities and properties with it, the same rule is applicable for kapha and semen.

Semen is one of the tissues among many in which kapha dosha resides. As kapha and semen tissue are closely related to each other and share a relationship very closely they always tend to contaminate each other easily. Thus, when kapha gets vitiated it contaminates semen tissue and causes diseases related to semen and sperms, mainly the diseases related to sexual dysfunctions and reproduction, like impotence, infertility etc.
Similarly when the semen tissue undergoes vitiation in the form of pathological increase it causes disturbances in kapha. Examples of such diseases formed by mutual contamination of kapha and shukra are impotence, loss of libido, spermatorrhea, seminal calculi, etc

Contamination of semen by vata and pitta will produces symptoms related to those morbid doshas – apart from the resident dosha i.e. kapha, the semen tissue will also be afflicted by vitiated vata and pitta. In these conditions caused by contaminated semen, the symptoms of vata and pitta will be seen predominantly. Examples of such conditions are impotency, sterility, abortion, miscarriage, begetting defective progeny, contamination of semen etc

Semen contamination chiefly afflicts fertility, potency and sexual drive – contamination of semen tissue causes diseases and conditions related to

  • Potency – like impotency, loss of libido
  • Fertility – inability to cause conception
  • Control of semen ejaculation – like spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation etc
  • Quality and consistency of semen – like spermatorrhea, loss of semen through urine, seminal calculi and other disorders of semen
  • Fertility – like abortion, miscarriage
  • Fetus and progeny – like birth of children who are ugly, have less quality and quantity of semen, impotent, have low life-span
  • Social issues – humiliation, suffering to self, wife and kids
    Article by Dr Raghuram BAMS, Y.S. MD (Ayu)

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