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23 Ayurveda Sex Rules For A Healthy Life

Ayurveda considers sex as a part and parcel of our everyone’s life. But as with most of the rules of life, – control and moderation are the keywords. Here are a few healthy sex rules as per ancient Ayurveda text books.  [Read more…]

Sex Tips For Women – Sexy Clothing – Art of Hiding and Seeking

Sex is not all about being nude and having intercourse. It is about exploring the fun quotient while sharing and making love. Quite often we tend to be in a rush to being naked. But the foreplay and sex can be made more enjoyable with sexy clothing. Here are a few sex tips for women in this regard. [Read more…]

14 Tips For Making Noise During Sex For Good Sex Experience

For a good sex experience, making noise is very important. It is an integral part of  sexual performance. Making noise helps to improve the general mood of both the partners, it encourages both the partners for full involvement during sex. It is definitely a handy tool that you should not miss. Here are a few tips.  [Read more…]

How To Protect Your Child From Internet Porn And Sex Content

A British boy 12 year old, raped 9 year old, to feel young, after watching tons of internet porn. Reports a newspaper.

At a time when we have got nothing to stop our kids to access internet, there are some basic things that we can do to avoid exposure to internet porn. Here are those basic steps –  [Read more…]

How Long To Do Sex? What Is The Ideal Sex Time?

How long to do sex? what is the ideal sex time? are most frequently asked questions about sex. We need to look into different parameters before we arrive at the right answer for this question. Let us explore these parameters.  [Read more…]

Husband Has Premature Ejaculation? 19 ways You Can Help Him

If your husband has premature ejaculation problem, then there are a lot of things that you can do, which would help him get over this problem. For that, a clear knowledge about this sex problem is necessary.  [Read more…]

Caught Husband Masturbating. What Do I Do?

Caught husband masturbating? Not a big issue. Men usually masturbate even after marriage. Old habits never die. But when wife catches husband maturbating, it can be embarrassing. It makes wife to think why masturbation instead of sex. While there are different reasons for men masturbating after marriage. What wife should do after noticing it is also very important.  [Read more…]

Why Does My Husband Masturbate?

Married men usually masturbate. It is a common thing. But when the wife discovers it for the first time, it can be embarrassing. Here are a few answers to why does my husband masturbate?   [Read more…]

Show Cleavage Occasionally To Keep Your Husband’s Interest In You

Boobs and cleavage are most attractive part for any man’s eyes. If you are married for long and if you think that boredom is setting in your sexual relationship with your husband, then occasional cleavage show is a good idea. It helps to revamp your sexual life.  [Read more…]

Woman Foreplay Tips: Should She Be Proactive During Sex?

Foreplay is the indulgent time before the actual sex. Foreplay is very important for good sex experience. During foreplay, woman and man both have active roles. But how much active should a woman be? Should she be leading the foreplay? or should she allow her man to lead forward? The answer is hidden in mindset of both the partners.  [Read more…]