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Masturbation Advice Based On The Individual

A reader wrote a comment that, in some contexts, I have written that masturbation once a while is fine but in other, I have said lack of masturbation = abstinence is the greatest tool to achieve concentration.

The basis for the above difference in advice is based on the context in which the reader asks me the masturbation question.

For a person seeking spirituality, masturbation is not advisable. In such a person, masturbation is a hurdle in his path of spirituality. Hence, abstinance – celibacy is the right path to approach.
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For a normal young person who wishes to have a family life in future:
Complete avoidance of masturbation is not required. But for better concentration and disciplined life, it will be good if masturbation is restricted for once in 10 – 15 days.

for an addicted teenager with suicidal thoughts:
Usually masturbation addicts do it 2 – 3 times a day. They will have social problems. They cannot mingle with people due to lack of self confidence. They get isolated and build up so much guilty feeling that they even think of committing suicide.

In such a person, if the standard bar of behavior is set very high and if they are advised to completely avoid masturbation, it is not possible for them due to addiction. Their confidence further takes a hitting and  they will be further discouraged. In them, it is wise to give them a slightly easier target of reducing masturbation frequency to just once per day in initial few months of treatment. Give them easier target to achieve. When they achieve it, encourage them further. Meanwhile, educate them that masturbation is just a normal activity. This builds up confidence and removes negative thoughts.

Hence, advice on frequency of masturbation depends on the person.
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Masturbation: questions and answers

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