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Masturbation Advice Based On The Individual

A reader wrote a comment that, in some contexts, I have written that masturbation once a while is fine but in other, I have said lack of masturbation = abstinence is the greatest tool to achieve concentration. [Read more…]

Having Premature Ejaculation During Masturbation? 6 Tips

Some people experience ejaculation as soon as they start mastrubation. During early sexual life, it is quite common to observe premature ejaculation during masturbation. There can be many causes for this condition. But the good news is, it is quite easily treated. Here are a few useful guidelines.  [Read more…]

Caught Husband Masturbating. What Do I Do?

Caught husband masturbating? Not a big issue. Men usually masturbate even after marriage. Old habits never die. But when wife catches husband maturbating, it can be embarrassing. It makes wife to think why masturbation instead of sex. While there are different reasons for men masturbating after marriage. What wife should do after noticing it is also very important.  [Read more…]

Why Does My Husband Masturbate?

Married men usually masturbate. It is a common thing. But when the wife discovers it for the first time, it can be embarrassing. Here are a few answers to why does my husband masturbate?   [Read more…]

Male Health – Masturbation Technique To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Masturbation is a healthy habit which can be effectively used to cure premature ejaculation. Often premature ejaculation is caused due to lack of self control and early stimulation of tip of penis (also called as glans penis). But this masturbation technique helps to stimulate the tip of penis as lately as possible.  [Read more…]

Is Masturbation Homosexual In Nature?

Is masturbation homosexual?  It is an opinion that is prevalent in some youngsters that masturbation is a sign of homosexuality. Let us explore the truth or myth behind this belief.  [Read more…]

Masturbation – Healthy Practices That You Should Follow

Masturbation is a healthy and ethical way of exhibiting sexual feelings. Masturbation is like a double-edged sword. You have benefits from it, if you practice it in a healthy way and at the same time, if you over-indulge, it may have minor, repairable health consequences.  [Read more…]

How to overcome masturbation side effects

Masturbation as such is a very healthy habit. However, some people, especially youngsters feel guilty about it and start to experience a complex of symptoms, called as masturbation side effects. [Read more…]

Male health: Masturbation questions and answers

Masturbation is one of the topics with huge controversy, misconception and lack of awareness. The only way to eradicate the misconception is to explain it more and more in all possible ways. Here are a few masturbation faq and answers. [Read more…]

Male health: Is masturbation wrong?

This question rings in every man’s mind, usually in the teenage – is masturbation wrong? is masturbation safe? does it cause sexual impotence? Here is an attempt to unearth a few facts about an act, which almost every man indulges with.., Masturbation. [Read more…]