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Vajikarana Meaning, Understanding, Derivation

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (AY) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vrisha is one among  eight elite branches of Ayurveda known as ‘Ashtanga Ayurveda’. Vajikarana is synonym of Vrisha. Vajikarana is begetting horsepower in sex. Thus, Vrisha or Vajikarana forms one eighth of all Ayurveda. This also shows its significance in ancient medical science.

Vajikarana is a word which is made up of two terms i.e. Vaji and Karana.
Vaji means ‘horse’. Karana means ‘to do’.
Horse is said to have a super power in terms of its energy. We have often seen people compare volatile energy of a person in terms of horse power.

When comes to vajikarana, it is a part of Ayurvedic healing system which deals with inducing horsepower in a human being in terms of ‘sexual power and drive’.
Vajikarana makes a person so sexually fit that he performs sexual act with a horsepower.
Horse is known for its sexual vigor and strength. We can thus see that Vajikarana is an effective remedy for improving sexual performance and interest in an individual.
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Vajikaranas are broad spectrum medicines – Vajikarana can be compared to modern day aphrodisiacs but I should tell that Vajikarana is much more than that.
Vajikarana is included under Swasthasya Urjaskara type of Bheshaja i.e. medicines. These are medicines and non-medicines (diet, lifestyle season etc) which help in maintenance of health in an already healthy individual.
This also shows that vajikarana and rasayana are the medicines which boost up overall health of an individual and promote longevity. This is broad spectrum action of Vajikarana.
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Vajikarana enhances semen quality and quantity – Vaji also means semen.
Thus Vajikarana means treatments, medicines, diet, activities and thoughts which would enhance quality and quantity of reproductive fluid in body apart from increasing libido and sexual drive.

Vrisha and Vajikarana are interchangeable terms –
Vrisha is bull. Bull too has enormous energy. The term is used alternatively for vaji.
Vrisha is that which makes a person fit and energetic enough to perform sex in a satisfying way. Vrusha also means to produce and expel enormous amounts of semen. This implies quality and quantity of reproductive fluid ejaculated per copulation. This richness of semen shows sexual capacity of an individual and chances to reproduce offspring.

Vajikarana, sexual competence, penetration and ejaculation power and animal simile – Elsewhere we can find references of elephant and sparrow mentioned in terms of sexual performance. Elephant is known to discharge large quantities of semen while sparrow is known to be capable of penetrating and doing sex multiple times in short duration of time.
Horse on other side is known to have strong penetration and prolonged sex.
Bull or buffalo is also sexually strong in terms of prolonged sex and large quantity of semen.

Thus Ayurveda in its own unique way has described sexual competence of many types of people with similes of animals and birds. This shows that everyone is sexually different and has their own quality, quantity and art of performing sex and ejaculating in their own terms and way.

Vajikarana Nirukti –word derivation of vajikarana
Root words ‘Vaja gatau dhatu’ make the word vajana.

‘Vajanam vaja’ – vajanam means vaaja which means shukra vega, i.e. semen or the intensity with which the semen flows.

Term vajana indicates vaja or vega, i.e. movement.
In this context vajanam points towardsintensity, velocity or force of ejaculation’.
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– Person in whom the vaja or intensity of ejaculation is present is called vaji
– Person devoid of vaja or velocity of ejaculation is called avaji

Medicines or any other factors and measures which make an avaji into vaji are called vajikarana.
Factors which enable a man to perform sexual intercourse with woman carrying stallion vigor are called vajikarana.
Those measures which make a man capable of performing sexual act in excess i.e. more number of times, frequently and effortlessly are called vajikarana.

This defines vajikarana as medicines and measures which make a man capable of satisfying women in a sexual act and also to effortlessly indulge in multiple sexual acts.
By resorting to aphrodisiacs, man acquires stallion vigor to perform sex repeatedly.


By this definition, three categories of vajikaran have been described.
– Factors which increase quantity of semen, example black gram etc
– Factors which induce ejaculation of semen, example determination for sexual act
– Factors which increase ejaculation of semen, example milk etc
Among all these three categories, ability of person to perform sex again and again is more important.
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Any measure which induces a capacity to perform sexual intercourse with vigor and power of a horse is called vajikaranam.
That which makes an avaji i.e. person devoid of velocity of ejaculation into vaji i.e. capable enough to ejaculate with great velocity is called vajeekarana.
Anything which produces enormous quantities of semen while having sexual intercourse with a woman is called vajikarana.

Vaja vega means shukra vega i.e. velocity of ejaculation. When this velocity is present, person is called vaji. Anything which makes it possible i.e. enhances velocity of ejaculation of semen is called vajikarana.
In terms of intimacy and sexual relations related to women, those measures through which man obtains enormous strength and sexual vigor, just like a horse are called vajikarana.

Vaji means sexual intercourse. Vajikarana are those measures and medicines which enhance ability to perform sexual intercourse. Thus vajikarana is directly related to enhancing sexual potency of a man i.e. pumstvam.

Any medicines, measures and methods which when consumed in proper quantity, produce or bestows immense vigor towards sexual performance are called vajikarana.
Person who consumes vajikarana will be capable of satisfying woman to peaks in sexual intercourse.

Vajikarana is that which satisfies below mentioned criteria –
Apatya santanakaram – bestows good quality and quantity of progeny blessed with immensely good qualities
Sadhyah sampraharshanam – provides instant sexual arousal
Vaajeeva atibalo yena yaati apratihato naraha – enables man to perform sex with highest vigor, intensity and velocity, uninterruptedly and repeatedly
Bhavati ati priyah streenaam -This means that the vajikarana enhances quality, quantity and force of ejaculation so that the man, being enriched by these qualities becomes favorite to women.
Dehasya urjaskaram param – best in nourishing and energizing body.
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To sum up –
Derivation of the word vajikarana explains them as measures or medicines which –
– Induce horse or bull power in terms of performing sex
– Improves libido, sexual vigor and penetration
– Enhances time period of sexual pleasure
– Enhances quantity and quality of semen
– Helps in begetting quality progeny
– Helps in getting indulged in uninterrupted sexual pleasure
– Enhances velocity and intensity of ejaculation
– Provides strength and energy
– Causes instant sexual arousal
– Fortifies and restores sexuality and potency of a man

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