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Sex and Exercise – what is the connection? Ayurvedic view.

Sex and Exercise are quite interestingly related with each other. For any person, seeking a good sex health, exercise is highly recommended and vice versa.

–  Exercise improves the strength of the muscles, leading to improved flexibility, ability to retain a sex posture for as long as desired.  

– Exercise also helps in improved breathing pattern, leading to better control over breathing during sex. Which is a very important factor. Because according to Ayurveda, the ejaculation is controlled by Vata, and so also is breathing process. So, better control over breathing pattern is very much helpful in case of premature ejaculation.

– Exercise gives a person a lot of confidence. In terms of good physique good health and also peaceful mind. Confidence and good looks are very essential parts of sex.

– Exercise promotes normal secretion of sex hormones such as testosterone, leading to good sex health.

– Ayurveda explains that exercise improves strength of the individual, to combat stress and diseases. which is good for general health and as well as sexual health.

– Sex is also a form of exercise. An hour of sex will help in burning 100 to 200 calories on an average. (or even more).

– Many of the Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shilajit etc are useful both in Ayurvedic bodybuilding and also to have sex power increase.

Caution – Anything in excess is harmful to the body. So also is exercise. Both Ayurvedic and modern fraternity have proved that excessive exercise leads to decreased sexual interest.
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