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Male health: Is masturbation wrong?

This question rings in every man’s mind, usually in the teenage – is masturbation wrong? is masturbation safe? does it cause sexual impotence? Here is an attempt to unearth a few facts about an act, which almost every man indulges with.., Masturbation.

Masturbation facts: In a new born, there will be many organs, muscles and bones in different growing stages. gradually all the organs grow up and start performing their normal functions. This maturation is caused by proper release of hormones at proper time. When the child enters teenage, at the age of 14-18, gradually sex hormone production takes place leading to exhibition of male sexual characteristics like development of beard, moustache, axial hairs, pubic hairs, attraction towards female etc. Likewise, there also starts sperm and semen production.

Imagine a tank, in which water is getting filled up. If the water is totally filled up to its brim, the water overflows, out of the tank. Similarly the produced sperms in the (seminiferous tubules of the testis) gets stored & matured in epididymis.

To make it further simpler, the sperm is produced and stored in the testis. But when the sperm volume exceeds the storage capacity, it tends to overflow. Either through the process of masturbation or during night. (called as night fall).

Why masturbation? Masturbation is a safe method of evacuating the sperm along with semen, which is naturally  secreted in the testis.

Advantages of masturbation :

It is a sign of good mental and physical health. (Did you ever heard that one feels like masturbating during fever or any other physical illness?)

It gives a chance for the man to confirm his maleness.

It helps to evacuate the semen from time to time.

Done in a frequency of once in twice or thrice a week is absolutely safe and healthy.

If done with sufficient gap of 2 – 3 days, it helps to improve confidence.

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