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How to overcome masturbation side effects

Masturbation as such is a very healthy habit. However, some people, especially youngsters feel guilty about it and start to experience a complex of symptoms, called as masturbation side effects.

Masturbation side effect can manifest in the form of symptoms like feeling of weakness, headache, lethargy, excessive sleepiness, inability to concentrate on studies or job, tremors, increased heart beat, internal fear,  lack of confidence, lack of proper erection, night falls etc.

Reason for these masturbation symptoms

  • Lack of knowledge or information regarding masturbation. Click here to read about – Is masturbation wrong ?
  • Misconception or false knowledge regarding masturbation. Click here to read about – Masturbation questions & answers.
  • Excessive masturbation habit – In some cases, due to hormonal imbalance or lack of self-control, one really starts indulging in masturbation multiple times a day leading to weakness
  • Fear, once set in mind, brings about psycho-somatic symptoms. Meaning – the symptoms thought over in mind get exhibited as physical symptoms.

Tips to overcome masturbation side effects

In a few cases, proper information and counselling is suffice to bring the excessive masturbation habit under control. In such cases, even the masturbation side effects will fade away.  Here are few tips –

Concentrate on your studies – In the young age, there is nothing more important than studies.  What you become in future is entirely dependent upon how hard you study today.

Develop good hobbiesHobbies are a great thing to develop. Painting, singing, dancing, writing, reading etc. keep your mind busy and over time, everything will be all right. Hobbies instill confidence and extra skills and defeats depression.

Avoid sources of temptationAvoid those tempting late night tv programs, adult movies, etc. keep yourself busy with one or the other more useful things.

Keep away myths of masturbation – Like I said, know in detail about masturbation, that it is a healthy habit if done, once in a while. It is absolutely safe habit.

Pranayama – Pranayama is one of the excellent ways to control excessive masturbation. It helps to control mind and invest mind in more useful things in life. Ayurveda explains that masturbation is due to aggravated Vata. Pranayama helps to control Vata and thus helps in controlling masturbation.

Go to bed early and get up earlyThe early morning hours is called as Brahmi Muhurtha, is the time in which one can have maximum concentration. So, Ayurveda recommends you to get up early. This way, you will be busy with your daily work and studies. It also instills confidence. Try it.

Even after all these attempts for more than two months, if one can not control masturbation more than once a day, it is right time to seek medical help. There are effective ways and effective Ayurvedic medicines to beat masturbation side effects. So, do not hesitate to consult your doctor at the earliest.

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