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Urad Daal Recipe For Sex Vigor

Urad daal or black gram is one of the widely used dietary ingredient in Indian kitchen. Urad daal is also known to improve sex vigor. Let us find out how to make a Urad daal recipe and what are its benefits. 

What you need? 

Urad daal (black gram) – 10 grams

Ghee  – half table  spoon

Milk – half a glass.

Sugar  / Jaggery – Two table  spoon full.

Cardamom – two grains.

Procedure for Urad dal recipe: 

Take Urad daal and soak it for about 5 – 6 hours.

Fry Urad dal in the ghee .

Heat the fried Urad daal in the milk.

Add cardamom, jaggery or sugar and heat till it converts into a uniform mass.

Drink it while it is warm. at night. before or after food.

The proportion explained above is for one serving.

You can take it continuously for a week or so, or occasionally.

What can you expect? 

One of the authentic and ideal sex recipe for improvement in sperm quantity and quality.

Improvement in sex vigor and sex power

Improvement in strength and sex interest.

Confused about exactly how to make it? Watch the video here


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