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Masturbation – Healthy Practices That You Should Follow

Masturbation is a healthy and ethical way of exhibiting sexual feelings. Masturbation is like a double-edged sword. You have benefits from it, if you practice it in a healthy way and at the same time, if you over-indulge, it may have minor, repairable health consequences. 

Healthy practice of masturbation – 

1. Not everyday –  

Everyday masturbation will cause –

  • Increase of ‘Vata’ in Ayurvedic terms.
  • Makes you feel weak and dull
  • Makes you feel tired
  • Makes you feel suffering from lack of confidence
  • Lack of memory and concentration
  • Makes you feel lazy

Ideally Masturbation once or twice in a fortnight is recommended.

2. Do not waste too much time –

In teenagers, studies and career should be  given due priority rather than sexual thoughts and feelings. Hence it is not advisable to indulge in masturbation for a longer time. I would recommend to finish the job within 10 minutes.

3. Schedule it properly – 

Avoid masturbation ahead of exams / interviews/ your first presentation and use time and energy to prepare yourself.

4. Do it alone

Never involve others in masturbation. It may lead to severe complications.

5. Never use rough objects

It may harm your genitalia. Take care.

6. Practice abstinence – 

  • On some occasions, just restrain from masturbation for as long as you can – to months and years together and concentrate on spiritual, academic, professional and social aspects of life. It will make you a better man. Try it.
  • It helps to have a good control over mind.
  • Good control over mind is the secret of success in your future sexual life.
  • Remember – Abstinence / Brahmacharya is very powerful.
7. Have an ethical mindset –
Do not lose yourself to the practice of masturbation. Remember, sex is only a part of life. It is not the aim of life.
8. Never develop guilty feelings –
Like I said, masturbation is a healthy habit. Even if you are over-indulging, try to practice self-control. But never develop a guilty feeling. Feeling guilty about dents your confidence.
9. Restrain during illness – Put your health ahead of sexual desires.
10. Night is better than morning.
11. Don’t hesitate to seek guidelines – 
  • For any of your doubts about sexual issues, never hesitate to discuss with your like-minded friends, your friendly parents or a smiling doctor.
  • Things will be easy to sort out at an early stage than later.
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