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Female Health – Are You Inviting Infidelity In Relationship?

Infidelity in relationship, lack of belief quotient in relationships and breakups have become so common that a long-standing relationship nowadays has become a matter of wonder. While it is important for you to maintain your personal integrity, by maintaining utmost loyalty, it is equally important for you to create an environment around your husband (or boy friend), so that he also feels compelled to maintain fidelity in relationship.

It is not like you are ‘forcing‘ him to maintain fidelity, it is like you are not forcing him towards infidelity.

It is not that you can not live, if he gets into infidelity, it is like you are doing your bit to strengthen the foundation of your relationship with him.

You are destabilizing your relationship and inviting infidelity in relationship if, 

  • You are not sharing your office or daily experiences with him, freely
  • You are not patient enough to listen to his grievances
  • You are not bothering to ask him for coffee, snacks, meals or breakfast
  • You are not offering your shoulder at a time when he needs you the most
  • You are not responding to his good night wish at night.
  • You are crossing his budget everytime. “Honey, do whatever, I need that necklace this week only, and that dress by next week”
  • You are no more his best friend that you were, once upon a time
  • You are neglecting your children’s issues
  • You are not respecting the elders of the family. “Hubby, I can not tolerate your mother’s blabbering anymore”
  • You never let go a chance to point out his negatives
  • You compare him with your other male friends
  • You praise your other friends more than once in a day for more than a week
  • You do not forgive little mistakes that he do, and you point them out every time. (remember two words for a strong relationship – Forgive and Forget)
  • You bang down the plate of food in front of him with a big sound, every-time, while serving food
  • You do not share your feelings with him, good or bad
  • You do not generate a feeling of you-and-he-are-a-team
  • You scold him in public or assault him physically!
  • You are not a loyal partner yourself
  • Last time you kissed him was only in the wedding!
  • You train your kids in such a way that they begin to hate dad – “When papa comes home, scold him with harshest words, if he does not bring your video game as promised”
  • You use your kids to target him. “Tell your papa that he is the biggest idiot in the world” ,   “work hard, become a real man!, do not be a loser in your life, like your father
  • You have made your home a real hell for him
  • You have made your home atmosphere so worse that he starts coming late from the office
  • Your murmurs start as soon as he comes home from office and stops only after he is fast asleep
Take Care of your beloved hubby !

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