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Male Health – Are You Inviting Infidelity In Relationship?

Men have lot of things to concentrate on, in a family setup. While the husband concentrates hard to earn money, to run business and to maintain family, equal importance should be give to maintain greenness in his relationship with wife and to avoid infidelity in relationship. 

You are inviting female infidelity in relationship if,

  • You do not have at least 30 minutes a day to hear to your wife.
  • You do not care what your wife is saying, about her health, about her concerns and about your children.
  • You come home too late at night and go to work too early in the morning.
  • You come home drunk everyday.
  • You never take your wife outside for a tour, temple or a hotel.
  • You  abuse her mentally, verbally or physically.
  • You do nothing to solve the problems that exists between your wife and other family members.
  • You have not created a congenial environment for her in your home.
  • You suspect every of her moves.
  • You are not loyal yourself.
  • You praise other women in front of her.
  • You turn down all of her requests.
  • You do not care to fulfill her basic needs and requirements.
  • You do not let go even a single occasion to insult her.

Bottom line – 

Small problems in marriage, little misunderstandings, behavioral incompatibility, ego issues, can lead to infidelity.

It is the duty of both husband and wife to maintain mutual interest  and invest their time and mind to keep greenness in relationship.

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