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Sex thoughts Before Marriage – Good Or Bad?

Sex thoughts are common to most of us. Once we enter into teenage, due to the influence of hormones in our body, humans will start having natural affinity towards the other sex. But is it normal? Is it okay? How much of sex thoughts is fine? When we need to do something to control it?

Sex hormones / sex steroids – 

Once after attaining teenage, naturally there will be secretion of sex hormones, also called as sex steroids. These are – androgen in male and estrogen and progesterone in female. Due to the influence of these hormones, there will be natural attraction generated towards the people of other sex.

You are getting sexual feelings means that you are a normal human being, and you are eligible to have a love and sex relationship after marriage.

Hence, any sex thoughts that you are getting is quite a normal phenomena. But since we are human beings with social responsibilities, those sex thoughts need proper direction so as to build a strong character of ourselves.

We should never allow sex to rule us. Instead, at all the times of our lives, and in all consciousness, we should always have a good control over our sexual behavior and sex thoughts. 

When sex thoughts are bad? 

  • If you are getting excessive sexual thoughts causing disturbance in work.
  • You are losing your concentration and piece of mind.
  • You are developing guilty feeling about your sexual ideas.
  • Sex feelings haunt you 24 X 7
  • You get sexual feelings even with elders of your family.
  • You have started losing weight, feel nervous to go outside, get tremors while talking to others.
  • Sometimes, you even think of suicide.

When sex thoughts are not bad? 

  • You have a good control over your sexual thoughts.
  • Sexual thoughts do not disturb your health, personality or day to day activity.
  • You have complete understanding of physiology of masturbation.

Summary – 

  • Sex thoughts are quite normal to everyone and they are not bad.
  • They are influenced by the sex hormones that are produced inside our body, which starts during teenage.
  • We should develop our personality in such a way that we should be able to control the sexual thoughts at our will.
  • For a better future for ourselves, we should not allow sex thoughts to harm our concentration and peace of mind.

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