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Show Cleavage Occasionally To Keep Your Husband’s Interest In You

Boobs and cleavage are most attractive part for any man’s eyes. If you are married for long and if you think that boredom is setting in your sexual relationship with your husband, then occasional cleavage show is a good idea. It helps to revamp your sexual life. 

Cleavage: ever attractive point in woman: 

Though your husband has seen you naked umpteen number of times, your cleavage will still be an attractive part of you to him. Because, it creates secrecy, it creates longing, it makes him to see more.

Cleavage show is often more attractive than full boob show, because of the shape that it holds and because of secrecy factor.

It should be occasional 

If you show cleavage daily, he may get used to see them regularly, which will take away the secrecy and ‘surprise’ factor.

It should be non- intentional, accidental

You should never give a hint to him that you are showing cleavage intentionally. It should be like, natural, without your effort, while you are doing something, it just happened. If he gets to know that you are intentional, it will take away the hidden fun. It will slightly affect the attraction that it generates in his mind.

Show it from a distance

Better if he is not very close to you, when you expose cleavage. Better that he is at a distance. If he is very near to you and starts love making immediately, it is good. But it will take away that long-lasting attraction that you want to create in his mind.

Timing is very important –

It should not be for a too short a time, that he never notices it. It should not be too long that he gets bored seeing it. That perfect timing is very important.

Take care to avoid third parties. 

Make sure that there is nobody else in the room or house, when you try it. Your aim is to attract your husband only. 

Be ready for sex, or be patient.

Even if there is no immediate success, the positive sex appeal that you create will have accumulated effects over a period of time. So, if he starts lovemaking it is fine. If he doesn’t then also there is nothing to worry. You are winning.

A few ideas for cleavage show – 

You both are getting ready to go for shopping, you are getting dressed, and forgot closing the door. (Can be dangerous, if someone else is in the home).

Your cleaning the floor, while he is reading newspaper on a chair, right infront of you and you just flaunt cleavage while you concentrate on cleaning the floor.

Just take any chance when you can bend a little in front of him, say serving food in dinner.


Scratching your chest, squeezing your boobs, yawning, or making ugly faces while you attempt this. He will definitely look away.


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