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Why Does My Husband Masturbate?

Married men usually masturbate. It is a common thing. But when the wife discovers it for the first time, it can be embarrassing. Here are a few answers to why does my husband masturbate?  

Old habits die hard. 

Masturbation is a healthy way of expressing one’s sexual desire. Most of the men have this habit naturally, as sexual desire is a natural phenomenon. Before marriage, men would fantasize about movie stars or get excited by reading sex stories and usually masturbate. But after marriage, the tendency towards masturbation decreases as they start enjoying sex life.

But even after marriage, most men continue masturbation. Because they are used to it. Sometimes, the fantasy thing that they think in their mind is more exciting than the sexual act.


While masturbating with hand, the penis is held tight, which gives them extra excitement and satisfaction.

Bored sex life

sexual problems, relationship problem, recurrent quarrels tends to take away the fun attached with sex. Sex for most men is a way of relaxation and way to express love. When love is lost in relationship, sex life gets hit by boredom. This drives men towards masturbation.

Just for a change 

Many use masturbation as an extra way to express their desire, apart from sex acts.

unsexy wife

It is not about body color or beauty. It is about being presentable and adorable.

One good thing to know, if he is masturbating at home – at least he is not indulging with other women.

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