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How Long To Do Sex? What Is The Ideal Sex Time?

How long to do sex? what is the ideal sex time? are most frequently asked questions about sex. We need to look into different parameters before we arrive at the right answer for this question. Let us explore these parameters. 

1. Are you satisfied? 

How long will you eat an ice cream? Till you are satisfied with it. So, if you are husband or wife, if both of you are satisfied, then it is right time to stop sex, have a little fun chat and go to sleep.

2. Do not compare. 

You might have heard from your friends that they have sex for two hours. But it is not about them. It is about you two – husband and wife. Hence do not give a damn about what others say. The bottom line is, have sex till both of you have enjoyed full orgasm and are fully satisfied.

3. Watch for orgasm symptoms

For men, it is usually ejaculation. Other symptoms are – horripulation (body hairs stand erect), he starts grabbing you hard, moaning etc.

For woman, vagina becomes totally wet, horripulation, moaning, etc.

Once either of you reach orgasm, excite the partner fully and complete the sex with maximum excitement.

  • Ideally speaking sex for a minimum period of 1 minute is required for complete satisfaction.
  • Foreplay time can vary between minutes to hours.

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