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14 Tips For Making Noise During Sex For Good Sex Experience

For a good sex experience, making noise is very important. It is an integral part of  sexual performance. Making noise helps to improve the general mood of both the partners, it encourages both the partners for full involvement during sex. It is definitely a handy tool that you should not miss. Here are a few tips. 

Benefits of Making noise during sex

During sex, more you involve your sense organs, more the enjoyment. Making noise involves one more sense organ in the act of sex – your ears. You see your partner with eyes, you feel enjoyment, you use your tongue, your skin to lick, bite, touch, you feel enjoyment. Similarly giving your partner some moaning noise will also increase the enjoyment.

It gives assurance: If wife is making noise during sex, this gives a sense of assurance to husband that he is doing correct, and he is doing good. He feels confidant that she is also involved in the act. So, noise during sex is a sign of involvement.

It increases enjoyment: Sex is an act of giving, as much as it is an act of receiving happiness. If both the partners are making gentle noises, they both feel encouraged for more togetherness.

Give signal of orgasm: Most of the times, during sex, it is hard for your partner to know that you are reaching orgasm. Moaning, or making continuous noise is one of the best ways to let your partner know that you are reaching the orgasm. So that he / she can also work fast to reach the pinnacle.

When to make noise? During the act, whenever a move is made by your partner, just add a little moaning sound to it, to encourage him / her. It is not necessary to add sound to all the moves. But at crucial parts of foreplay, don’t miss to make the moaning. When both of you are nearing orgasm, it makes sense to moan continuously. It adds to the overall love atmosphere. It helps for better feeling of togetherness.

Keep the volume low: Remember, there are other people in your home.

Keep it nice voiced: Men can have a little harsh voice. It adds to the male-ness. Wife can have low, sweet voice. The overall voice should match with the atmosphere of the room.

Add “shy quotient” – If wife shows shyness in the voice, it adds to the aggression of man, and it helps for better performance. Let him not touch all parts of yours at once. Convey that with shy moaning. Similarly, if husband is moaning shyly, it adds fun to sex.

Be a little naughty – In the moaning voice only, you can direct your partner to touch particular areas of your body, you can make him avoid certain areas, so play around him / her with gentle naughty moaning.

Childish moaning – Moaning like a child adds fun quotient. Try it often. Laughing, Crying, demanding, giving, enjoying like a child adds lot of value.

Make gentle sound while kissing Apart from moaning, kissing is another great way of making noise. While kissing different parts, make noise to add more value to each of your kiss.

Patting, spanking are also ways to make sound.

Give directions in low sweet voice – You can direct your partner to do a particular thing, avoid some acts, etc, to comfort you. All these can be done with low voice. This further adds value to sex.

Be assured. It is not a drama. Some may feel that if they start moaning, it may be like, forcing a feeling, which is not there. This is wrong. Even before you actually start having enjoyment, I encourage you to moan. This definitely helps to lift the mood of your partner and yourself.

Do not be shy Some may feel like – What he / she may think, if you moan? Do not have that hindrance. Do not be shy.

So, for a better sex experience, make some noise!

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