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Sex In Winter – Ayurvedic Advice And Health Tips

Ayurveda divides a year into six seasons. Each season having two months. In that, winter falls in Hemantha and Shishira Ritu. As per Ayurveda, in both these seasons, (that is in winter), the natural strength of the body will be very high. So, one can have sex as per one’s liking. So, Ayurveda advices for having sex in winter, almost everyday, provided, you are healthy.

Apart from sex, Ayurveda also recommends good exercise and oil massage everyday. So, make sure that you have plenty of foreplay before sex. Foreplay can itself be a good exercise, with fun. Also, try massaging your spouse or try a mutual massage with Ayurvedic herbal oils and enjoy being together in this winter.

This way, your energy will be well spent, you will be more close to your beloved one, and massage will make your skin and muscles stronger.

Logic: Sexual desire and the act of (legal) sex is a sign of perfect health. During winters, the body strength is increased because of Kapha dominance. So, one will feel energetic throughout the day and can tolerate physical activities, be it sex or exercise.

Oil massage is advised to avoid skin dryness and to improve body strength further.

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