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How Your Economic Status And Self Confidence Affects Sexual Health

The number one factor for a good sexual power for men is confidence. If they lose the self confidence, then it worsens performance, foreplay and actual act of sex. The confidence in them may be dented due to many reasons such as previous failures, lack of good communication etc. As per recent research, along with these inter-personal problems, economic status also plays a role. Here are the details and solutions. 

As per a recent research conducted by Washington University, in St. Louis’ Olin Business school, men married to women with higher incomes more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Their paper is published this month in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

The study suggests towards following implications.

1. The phenomenon is observed only in married men. Not in unmarried couples. Because, married man takes up more responsibilities on to his shoulders and is naturally under stress and pressure due to his lower income, compared to his beloved wife.

2. Lack of aggression – Men often consider sex as an opportunity to show their maleness, aggression and dominance. This trait takes a dent if their earning is low. Already, wife has got upper hand, she is more dominant, hence lack of proper erection.

3. Problem with communication and harmony – Because of difference in earning, there may be ego problems, depleting love, and lack of communication between the two. These emotional problems will have a direct effect over sexual performance.


  • Find out ways to earn more
  • Inject more love into relationship. If she is earning more, so what? she is your own beloved wife. Accept the fact and be happy. 
  • Talk freely and fearlessly. Keep the communication channels open all the time. 
  • Help in domestic activities, like in kitchen, and child care. This way, you would feel compensated for your lower earnings. You will eventually be helping your wife and the mutual love, understanding would further grow and eventually sexual performance will also improve. 
  • Develop good hobbies, do social work, join a community. These will further boost your confidence and may give you chances for extra earning as well.



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