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23 Ayurveda Sex Rules For A Healthy Life

Ayurveda considers sex as a part and parcel of our everyone’s life. But as with most of the rules of life, – control and moderation are the keywords. Here are a few healthy sex rules as per ancient Ayurveda text books. 

1. Sex position: The person should avoid the woman who is not lying with her face upward.
Explanation: This concept is for the people seeking conception. In olden days, there were no real contraceptives and sex was predominantly seen as the way to beget children. So, the olden Ayurveda teachers used to think that with women-on-top positions, the entry of semen into the vagina would not occur properly.

2. Sex should not be done in her menstrual period – It is contra indicated from a health perspective. Read my detailed article about it – sex during periods

3. Sex should not be done with the person who is not liked (wicked), whose activities are displeasing – This refers to the mental aspect of sex. If the women does not possess good mental qualities, then she may take advantage of the man.

4. Sex should not be had with the one whose private parts are dirty

5. Sex is best avoided in people who are too obese or very emaciated,

6. Sex should be avoided soon after deliver and with pregnant.  After delivery if it is normal delivery, a gap of 2 – 3 months is considered desirable. If it is C section, a gap of 5 – 6 months is desirable.

7. Sex should not be done with woman, other than one’s wife – Ayurveda strictly recommends fidelity and being faithful. It concentrates more on love factor than lust factor.

8. Sex should not be had with animals like the goat, buffalo etc  – Ayurveda is against bestiality.

9. Avoid sex in the abode of the teacher, gods and kings in monasteries, burial ground, places of torture and of sacrifice and meeting of four roads.

10. One should avoid days of special significance (new-moon, full-moon, eclipse, festivals, mourning days and others) – This technique not only gives a break to both the partners from sex. It also brings freshness. Occasional restraint is key for a healthy and refreshing sex experience.

11. Avoid organs which are non-sexual,  (oral etc)

12. Avoid violence during sex – Ayurveda advocates sex as the means to express mutual love and respect and NOT anger, enimity and hate.

13. Should not indulge in sex after a heavy meal – Sex is also a form of exercise. This advice is akin to the rule that one should not do exercise immediately after meals. In Ayurvedic terms, it will cause indigestion problems and Vata imbalance.

14. Sex should not be done when hungry and thirsty – Sex is, like told before, an exercise and it will cause Vata increase. When you are hungry, there is already Vata and Pitta increase in the body. If you have sex when hungry, it may cause Vata and Pitta related issues like dizziness, headache, bloating, gastritis etc.

15. Sex should not be had in uncomfortable postures. – May cause injury

16. Sex should not be had with children and old women

17. Sex should not be had when there is urge to urinate or defecate.

18. Sex should not be had during illness. As per Ayurveda, Sex and immunity power are inter-related. That is why, abstinence is highly recommended during youth. Read my article on Asbtinence – Brahmacharya

19. The immunity power is explained with the term Ojas, in Ayurveda. During illness, Ojas is depleted. At that time, if you indulge in sex, it would further deplete the ojus. This will delay the healing process. Read more about Ojas

20.Sex frequency in different seasons – 

During winter, person can have sex everyday. This is because, the body strength is maximum during winters.
Once in three days in Vasanta (spring) and Sharat (autumn)  – Moderate body strength during these seasons, hence moderate sex frequency.
Once in 15 days in Varsha (rainy) and Nidagha (summer) – low body strength and hence very low sex frequency.

21. Improper sex side effects – Giddiness, exhaustion, weakness of the thighs, loss of strength, depletion of tissues, loss of acuity of senses and premature death occur from improper indulgence in the woman

22. Benefits of following healthy sex rules – Good memory, intelligence, long life, health, nourishment, acuity of sense organs, reputation, strength and slow ageing accrue from disciplined (controlled) sexual life.

23. After sexual intercourse, one should indulge himself in bath, applying scented paste, exposure to cool breeze, drinking of syrup prepared from sugar candy, cold water, milk, meat juice, soup, Sura – fermented liquor prepared from grains, Prasanna – clear supernatant fluid of Sura and then go to sleep; by these, the vigour of the body returns quickly to its abode again.

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