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Male health: Masturbation questions and answers

Masturbation is one of the topics with huge controversy, misconception and lack of awareness. The only way to eradicate the misconception is to explain it more and more in all possible ways. Here are a few masturbation faq and answers.

Is masturbation wrong?

No. It is not. It is a natural and voluntary process of expulsion of collected semen out of body.  Please read further explanation on this topic here – Is masturbation wrong?

Is masturbation normal?

Urine gets collected in the bladder, it is expelled out by urination. Similarly, the sperm gets collected in male reproductive system, which is expelled out by masturbation. So, it is as normal as urination.

Is masturbation sin?

From religion point of view, it will be inappropriate to comment on masturbation. Because it is a subjective issue. But from a physiological and health point of view, masturbation is as normal as urination. So, it is not a sin.

Is masturbation a homosexual activity? 

Masturbation is not a homosexual activity. Read more here – masturbation homosexual

How many times one can masturbate?

The question about how many times masturbation is a subjective issue. Physiologically, the total sperm collection occurs within a period of 3-4 days, after its expulsion. So, once or twice a week can be considered as an average period.

Can one do daily masturbation?

Daily masturbation can be done. But there are better things to do on a daily basis, you see. There is no harm with it. But better to concentrate on much important things in life.

Does masturbation cause AIDS?

No. It does not. Masturbation is very safe and healthy.

Does masturbation cause sexual problems after marriage?

No. Absolutely not. In fact, masturbation is a sign of good sexual health. So, it can be related with erectile dysfunction or any such other sexual problems.

What is masturbation addiction?

If one feels like indulging in it for multiples times in a day, if one develops guilty feeling towards it, but can can stop doing it, and the negative complex keeps worsening, such a condition is called as masturbation addiction.

How to get over masturbation addiction?

Consult a health expert, without any hesitation.

what are masturbation side effects?

It does not have any side effects. One should never develop any guilty feeling towards it. If one involves in excessive masturbation – like more than once a day, everyday, one may suffer with lack of concentration, feeling of weakness, nervousness, guilty feeling, stressed eyes, sleep disturbance etc. All of these are temporary in nature.

How to overcome masturbation side effects

Who can do masturbation?

Whoever feels like doing it, can do it. Usually men start it from 12-14 years of age.

does masturbation encourage penis growth?

you should not masturbate just to improve the penis size. your age, the body hormones etc contribute to the size of the penis rather than the habit of masturbation.


Masturbation is very healthy and natural habit. In fact, it is a sign of good health.

Masturbation once or twice a week is very healthy. Though, there is no rule that it should not be done daily.

It does not cause any sexual disease as such.

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