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Is Masturbation Homosexual In Nature?

Is masturbation homosexual?  It is an opinion that is prevalent in some youngsters that masturbation is a sign of homosexuality. Let us explore the truth or myth behind this belief. 

Masturbation is a way of expression of our sexual behavior. It is type of trial that we do with ourselves. Both men and women indulge in masturbation.

Masturbation is NOT a sign of homosexuality. It is just a way to of expressing our normal sexual desire. It is like practicing before the actual match.

When masturbation becomes a homosexual act? 

However, during masturbation, if you are imagining about people of same sex, and imagining having sex with person of same sex, that they may hint towards the homosexual behavior.

But if you are imagining the person of opposite sex, then there is absolutely nothing to worry. It is absolutely not a homosexual act.

As long as you are feeling attracted to opposite sex, that means, if you are a man, and feel attracted to women, and do not have any sexual feelings towards men, then there is absolutely no need to fear about homosexuality.

As long as you are practicing healthy masturbation, there is absolutely nothing to worry.

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