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Difference Between Normal And Obsessive Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts are very normal for any healthy human being. But how much is normal and how much is unwanted and at what stage it becomes obsessive? The knowledge of clear demarcation is immensely helpful in tackling the problem with suitable, effective measures and remedies. 

obsessive sexual thoughts

obsessive sexual thoughts

Normal sexual thoughts

As we learnt  – Sex thoughts before marriage is quite a normal and essential phenomenon.

  • Being attracted to a film star on TV,
  • Getting urge to masturbate once or twice a week / fortnight,
  • Sexual thoughts that do not harm the normal course of the day,
  • Sexual thoughts that do not produce guilt in the mind
  • Having a good control over sex thoughts,
  • Occasional urge to watch a little porn,
  • Not having altered feelings while talking to friends and colleagues
  • Thoughts that do not affect your productivity
  • Rare / occasional, temporary, harmless attraction towards others, in spite of  having a good spouse
Obsessive sexual thoughts – 
Your sexual thoughts are obsessive in nature if,
  • You can not control it even after many efforts
  • Leads you to abnormal sexual activities
  • Masturbating multiple times in a day continuously for weeks together
  • Getting sexual thoughts about everyone around you
  • You can not study, you can not work, due to them.
  • Sex thoughts that have blasted your confidence, making you fall into depression, making you think of suicide.
  • More you try to control, more it gets back to you.
  • It has made you to avoid people around you. You do not feel comfortable mingling with society.
  • It has made you to confine yourself to your room.
The three basic difference between normal and obsessive sex thoughts  is
  1.  Excessive
  2. Uncontrollable
  3.  Feeling of guilt

It is not as bad as you assume – 

Obsessive thoughts can be very well controlled with proper treatment, counselling and lifestyle changes.

If you can get rid of the ‘guilt feeling’ attached to those thoughts, half the battle is won.

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