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I Feel Guilty About Sex – Perplexed Mind Of A Teenager

Feeling guilty about sexual thoughts and all the aspects related to sex is a common phenomena in teenage. But if you nurture this guilty feeling, it leads to depleted confidence, lack of interest in studies / work. It totally complicates your life. 

I Feel Guilty About Sex – Explanation:

We are human beings, we have been given a body by nature, with sexual organs with it. Breeding is  a natural survival phenomena for any living creature. Animals also show sexual behavior at particular seasons at particular age. So do we.

But animals do not have wisdom or ethics. But we, living in a society do have ethics and an analytical mind set to control these sex thoughts to our advantage.

Hormone Effect

After onset of puberty, new set of hormones called sex hormones are produced. They bring about changes in the body such as

  • facial hair, pubic hair, hardening of voice in men
  • development of breasts, pubic hair in women.
These changes are meant for two purposes.
  • To attract the opposite sex
  • To help in conception and pregnancy.
With the onset of puberty, due to influence of natural sex hormones, we also start getting sexual feelings. This is because the sex hormones have their effect over our brain and mindset as well.
So, in men, semen production sets in and masturbation and night fall starts to happen.
In women, sexual feelings start to arise with development of uterus and related organs.
Why so guilty about it? 
When these sexual thoughts are occurring we start feeling guilty, because,
  • I did not have any such thoughts before
  • I do not know if everyone gets such thoughts
  • I am not sure if everyone gets it.
  • I may get some serious sexual disease due to it.
The trick lies in managing not controlling. 
You are a student / work somewhere, and you have your goals in life to achieve.
Make sure that these sexual feelings do not come in between you and success.
You get sexual feelings, that is perfectly fine. Practice masturbation once in a fort night, forget it, and be cool about it.
But do not allow that nagging sexual thoughts to hamper your studious mind.
Do not try to control it. More you try to avoid, more you get them. Try to manage it.
Do not hate them. Because, after marriage, you need those sexual feeling and sex power to succeed.
What to do about guilty feeling? 
  • Get to know the reality about masturbation. Read my previous articles about masturbation
  • Get to know that what you are going through is a normal process and everything is all right.
  • Seek your family member’s parent’s advice.
  • Read self help books and spiritual books to get the courage to get rid of this guilty feeling.
  • Concentrate hard on your studies, excel in your profession.
  • Develop hobbies, improve your personality and confidence.
  • Consult a doctor for better understanding about the physiology of sex.
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