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Marriage Or Live In Relationship – 7 Tips To Help You Make A Decision

Suppose you are entering into a relationship. Your partner offers for a live in relationship. What are the factors that you need to consider? Should you stress for marriage, rather than living in? Does “let us live-in for a couple of months and then lets see’ works? There are few viewpoints to take note. 

It is really a personal, subjective, relative decision:
First up, the points that I have discussed below are just guidelines for you to think from different angles. The final decision is really personal and should be based on your personal opinions, mutual relationship and your instinct.

Marriage – long term overview:
In a general sense, marriage is just like starting a family right away, with children, a house, relatives and friends etc.
The word marriage gives a lot more stable and long term perspective of relationship, when compared to living in.

Living in – for professionals
Living in is more suitable if both the partners are career-minded, who would want to see how things turn around after a few months of togetherness. They would want time to watch each other’s behaviour and responsibilities, and they also would want to watch where their career is headed.

Living in – for urban population
At least in India, living in concept is not there in rural sides. Government of India considers living in as a legal relationship. But in rural India, it may cause social problems.

Marriage – more stability:
As per a recent study report published inAmerican Journal of Public Health, women who are married suffer less partner abuse, substance abuse or post-partum depression around the time of pregnancy than women who are in a live-in replationship.

So, marriage means more commitment, more responsibility and lesser chance of violence, when compared to living in.

Level of excitement
Having said that, the level of excitement and enjoyment is probably more in live in relationship.

Easiness to quit the relationship: 

It is a lot easier for couple to quit in live in relationship, than in a marriage. So, if you want to test the relationship and wish to have the option of quitting it sooner, then live in relationship is for you.
On the other hand, if you want a long term relationship, seeking love and togetherness for life, if you do not want to give your partner an easy chance to quit the relationship, then definitely marriage should be your choice.


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