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A Formula To Revive Your Sex Life – Wear Minimal Cloths

While going through our daily routine, after a few years of marriage, it is really difficult to decide whether to have sex tonight or not. The mutual love is already shared with kids and other family members, mutual attraction is also faded away with extra pounds of fats on tummy, mind is also not as relaxed as it used to be, thanks to family tensions, financial worries and ever increasing monthly bills. So, though you love your wife / husband, chances of sharing love at night often becomes elusive.

One best way to break this jinx and to give yourself a chance for sex (or at least love sharing), is to wear as minimal cloths as possible while sleeping. Of course, this is not possible if kids sleep with you. But kids can sleep in the other room as well. Right?

Avoid undergarments and wear just one or two piece cloth. This may not be revealing cloth. It need not be transparent as well. But it needs to be ‘minimal and loose.

While you sleep normally, while you / spouse change the sides, just a gentle touch at breasts, a gentle hug, a kiss, can set the fire on. If you are wearing regular cloths, this “accidental touches” go unnoticed. But if the cloths are minimal, the game is a lot easier to play.

Speaking of men underwear, the chance of erection is higher if you are not wearing one. Read related article.

Surprise factor – Another advantage of this technique is the surprise factor. You have not planned for sex for tonight, but just all of a sudden, the plan is on.

Speed sex – Yet another advantage of this technique is, say, if you two are wearing full cloths, even if you cuddle and think of sex, sometimes, the idea of removing all the cloths and having sex becomes a tiresome one, because you are already tired in the day. So, if you are wearing minimal cloths, at least that hurdle is out of the way.

Treating people with very sensitive penis – One of the major causes of premature ejaculation is – a highly sensitive penis. Wearing loose cloths and avoiding undergarment, over a period of time, helps to de-sensitize the penis to some extent, leading to prolonged erection and sex time.

Low temperature advantage – Lower the temperature, better are the chances of sex. If you are wearing all the cloths, then temperature is usually on a higher side, so low interest in sex and vice versa.

So remember… minimal cloths from tonight.

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