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How To Protect Your Child From Internet Porn And Sex Content

how to protect your child from internet porn?

A British boy 12 year old, raped 9 year old, to feel young, after watching tons of internet porn. Reports a newspaper. At a time when we have got nothing to stop our kids to access internet, there are some basic things that we can do to avoid … [Continue reading]

Tips For Premature Ejaculation – Occasionally Skip Sex After Foreplay

One of the main problem in premature ejaculation is lack of good mental control. Self control is very necessary to last long onthe bed. This can be achieved by occasionally avoiding sex after foreplay.  … [Continue reading]

I Feel Guilty About Sex – Perplexed Mind Of A Teenager

Feeling guilty about sexual thoughts and all the aspects related to sex is a common phenomena in teenage. But if you nurture this guilty feeling, it leads to depleted confidence, lack of interest in studies / work. It totally complicates your life.  … [Continue reading]

My ebook Complete Sex Guide – Revised And Updated. Grab Your Copy Today

My sex ebook - Complete Sex Guide has been revised and updated. Here are the details of how it will dramatically improve your sex health.  … [Continue reading]

Very Sensitive Penis Head – Ayurveda Solutions

Normally young men with tight foreskin, have this problem of very sensitive penis head. This happens because, at all the times, the penis head (aka glans penis) lies within the cover of foreskin. So, it is least exposed to outer atmosphere, hence … [Continue reading]

Tight Foreskin Home Remedy And Ayurvedic Solution

tight foreskin home remedy

Tight Foreskin refers to tightness in the skin covering the tip (end) of the penis. It leads to difficulty in person to roll back the foreskin over the tip of the penis. This can lead to difficulty in sex. There are quite a few home remedies to … [Continue reading]

How Long To Do Sex? What Is The Ideal Sex Time?

How long to do sex? what is the ideal sex time? are most frequently asked questions about sex. We need to look into different parameters before we arrive at the right answer for this question. Let us explore these parameters.  … [Continue reading]

Husband Has Premature Ejaculation? 19 ways You Can Help Him

If your husband has premature ejaculation problem, then there are a lot of things that you can do, which would help him get over this problem. For that, a clear knowledge about this sex problem is necessary.  … [Continue reading]

Caught Husband Masturbating. What Do I Do?

Caught husband masturbating? Not a big issue. Men usually masturbate even after marriage. Old habits never die. But when wife catches husband maturbating, it can be embarrassing. It makes wife to think why masturbation instead of sex. While there are … [Continue reading]

Why Does My Husband Masturbate?

Married men usually masturbate. It is a common thing. But when the wife discovers it for the first time, it can be embarrassing. Here are a few answers to why does my husband masturbate?   … [Continue reading]